PHP-Fusion 9 RC3 Released
PHP-FusionA little over 2 months have passed since we released PHP-Fusion 9.0 RC 2.
Because of the amount of issues and the fact that we want to prepare a new Main site with 9 as we release it an extra RC was required.

Over 167 Reported issues on Github have been settled, just as many adjustments and various additional fixes have been applied.

The PHP-Fusion Community are still very helpful and we are still getting closer to perfection by the day.
I would like to give a huge Thank You to everyone involved!


For a detailed list of documented fixes please look here.
For installation & upgrade documentation you can visit PHP-Fusion 9 Documentation
Please note that some documentation sections are still work in progress.

Highlights in PHP-Fusion 9

PHP-Fusion Defender
? Automatic form sanitation system for your fields with form token support

PHP-Fusion Dynamics
? Automatic form API & database handler system

Dynamic User Fields
? Arrange, connect to 3d party and even categorize your Users Profiles with tabs

Atom Theme Engine
? Configurable CSS Overrides for any given Theme for it?s default CSS classes

SEO Engine
? Permalinks, pretty URLs and Normalize functions.
? A complete Modular system like BBCodes that allows you to easily change and add to the output of how you want your Permalinks

Multilingual Core capabilities
? Instanced format with exclusion,inclusion options
? You can read more about it under Multilingual Content Explained

Model > View Templating
? The MVT have been enabled for most Core content and Core Infusions.
? All Themes are able to change individual Core components and Infusions layout with this system

Notification email templating
? Enabled for contact, forum notifications and PM emails

? Native Bootstrap is enabled in the system by default

? GeoMap is a Country > State selector + City and address fields with 250 Countries and 6832 States covered

? Optimized OOP based Database handling that provides support for multiple database connection instances at once with either PDO or MySQL drivers enabled.
? Quite a few handy and new functions for database handling have been added such as db_exists, dblastid, dbnextid etc.

? With UTF-8 as Default for both for databases and charsets.
? A converter script have been provided in the upgrade procedure for this as well.
? You can read more about it under UTF-8 Explained

A Blog system
? We have included a new Blog system that comes with a Blog Archive Panel and a new Dynamic type of category system

Site links
? A new mobile friendly system for the site links have been made.
? The new system have support for images and sub menu items

Two new Panel positions
? Below header and Above Footer

User Migration Tool
? You can now merge user accounts with content

Back-End Theming
? A whole new Engine for the Administration to have it?s own Themes

Theme Widgets
? Configurable plugins directly for Themes

Two Default Admin Themes
? Venus
? Old_School

Two Default Themes
? Bootstrap Theme
? Septenary Theme

Please note that it is quite safe to test PHP-Fusion 9 as end-user, there will be no major changes in the RC, we will at most add fixes as they are needed.

Download PHP-Fusion 9 RC 3 here

PHP-Fusion 9 have been translated to the following languages,

? Chinese
? Czech
? Danish
? German
? Italian
? Lithuanian
? Malay
? Polish
? Russian
? Spanish
? Turkish
? Ukrainian

Translations that we know are in progress,

? Arabic
? Bulgarian
? Greek
? Norwegian
? French
? Persian
? Romanian
? Slovak
? Swedish

We have started to gather additional translations : Download more PHP-Fusion 9 Locales here

If your language is missing, please read the thread and download the Translations SDK in order to start translating.
View The Translating for PHP-Fusion 9 Thread

If you experience any issues or if you have any questions, please use these forums for Questions and Error reports :

General Questions
Core Issues
Blog Issues
News Issues
Gallery Issues
Forum Issues
Download Issues
Locale Issues
SEO Issues
Other Issues

A full Documentation of everything will be made more carefully when we have finalized the new Main site based on PHP-Fusion 9 and wrapped the RC to a sharp public 9.0 release.

I would like to give a huge Thank You to everyone involved!
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#1 | avlinadvin on July 25, 2017 07:01:15
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