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Help With Userfield Generator Infusion
I have searched for a very long time for the Userfield Generator Infusion I knew I had and I found it finally. It was created by PopUpMan (no longer around PHP-Fusion I don't think) and is called User Fields Manager. It installed fine, categories create fine and userfields create fine but you cannot enable the userfields. Can someone please look at it and fix it for me? I am sure others would LOVE this infusion too. Infusion is attached.
FreedomIOPList attached the following file:
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Maybe one of these ?
...just one among some friends...

Hmmm, no Homdax. I supplied the Infusion, it's attached to my post. It DOES work but it throws errors so it does need polished up a bit to work with 7.02.07 properly without throwing errors.
[b][center]My PHP-Fusion Siteshttp://www.freedomioplist.com
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I just saw this and would be interested if it works still. Any relief/fix for your issue with it?
I have solved it for me an i have postet it here:
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