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[GUIDE] Optimize PHP-Fusion Website
Tip #1 - Enable OPcache

You can enable the OPcache easily with the cPanel Interface. Follow the below steps to enable the OPcache for your website.

1) Login to the cPanel Interface.

2) Go to the "˜Select PHP Version"™ under the section "˜Software"™. A page of PHP Selector | extensions will be opened.

3) Look for the "˜Current PHP version"™. If it is native, please change it to some other version. You could keep the version same without the native option.

4) Check the checkbox near to the "˜opcache"™.

5) Click on the button "˜Save"™.

6) You have successfully installed the OPcache extension now.

Tip #2 - Optimized .htaccess

The attached .htaccess file will assist with file caching and enable certain optimizations that will improve load times on your website.

File: https://pastebin....

  1. Open an plain text editor and put the information in that you want in your .htaccess file.
  2. Save the file as htaccess.txt
  3. Open your FTP program and log into your CGI server. Upload the htaccess.txt file to the directory in which you want to place the .htaccess file.
  4. Use your FTP program to rename the uploaded htaccess.txt file to .htaccess
NetriX attached the following file:
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