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Yolks Smileys

81 Premium .png compressed smileys that you can use for your website.

Image dimensions are 40x40.

You can have all the similes automatically incremented into your smiley database by adding the code below to Admin Panel -> Custom Pages and then preview the code, when previewed the code will add smiley codes to your PHP-Fusion database for usage.

// Uncomment below to Delete all other smilies before installing.
// $truncate = dbquery("TRUNCATE TABLE ".DB_PREFIX."smileys");
$lol = dbquery("INSERT INTO " . DB_PREFIX .
    "smileys (smiley_code, smiley_image, smiley_text) VALUES
('!zzz!', '10.png', '!zzz!'),
(':)', '15.png', ':)'),
('!angry!', '11.png', '!angry!'),
(':D', '6.png', ':D'),
('!wtf!', '1.png', '!wtf!'),
('!boo!', '12.png', '!boo!'),
('!dead!', '13.png', '!dead!'),
('!blush!', '16.png', '!blush!'),
('!love!', '17.png', '!love!'),
('!bomb!', '18.png', '!bomb!'),
('!oreally!', '19.png', '!oreally!'),
('!dizzy!', '2.png', '!dizzy!'),
(':3', '20.png', ':3'),
('!ninja!', '21.png', '!ninja!'),
('O_O', '22.png', 'O_O'),
('!omg!', '23.png', '!omg!'),
('!fire!', '24.png', '!fire!'),
(':(', '25.png', ':('),
('!pissed!', '26.png', '!pissed!'),
('!serious!', '27.png', '!serious!'),
('!sick!', '28.png', '!sick!'),
('!slow!', '29.png', '!slow!'),
('!music!', '3.png', '!music!'),
('!snooty!', '30.png', '!snooty!'),
('|o', '31.png', '|o'),
('!cry!', '32.png', '!cry!'),
('!want!', '33.png', '!want!'),
('!wegonnadie!', '34.png', '!wegonnadie!'),
('!what!', '35.png', '!what!'),
('!XP!', '36.png', 'XP'),
('XD', '37.png', 'XD'),
('!goodfeeling!', '38.png', '!goodfeeling!'),
('!yarr!', '39.png', '!yarr!'),
('!devil!', '4.png', '!devil!'),
('!yourkidding!', '40.png', '!yourkidding!'),
('=B', '9.png', '=B'),
('!crazy!', '66.png', '!crazy!'),
('!fpac!', '65.png', '!fpac!'),
(':P', '46.png', ':P'),
('!wristpain!', '64.png', '!wristpain!'),
('B)', '48.png', 'B)'),
(':|', '50.png', ':|'),
('!baby!', '63.png', '!baby!'),
('!nosebleed!', '61.png', '!nosebleed!'),
('!yawn!', '59.png', '!yawn!'),
('!ok!', '57.png', '!ok!'),
('!nope!', '56.png', '!nope!'),
('!well!', '55.png', '!well!'),
('!overview!', '52.png', '!overview!'),
('!rage!', '51.png', '!rage!'),
('!ashes!', '47.png', '!ashes!'),
('!ohnoz!', '45.png', '!ohnoz!'),
('!hurt!', '44.png', '!hurt!'),
('!youdidit!', '43.png', '!youdidit!'),
('|)', '76.png', '|)'),
('!whisper!', '77.png', '!whisper!'),
('X3', '79.png', 'X3'),
('!gangster!', '80.png', '!gangster!'),
('!whoo!', '67.png', '!whoo!'),
('!scared!', '68.png', '!scared!'),
('!hehe!', '69.png', '!hehe!'),
('!gk!', '70.png', '!gk!'),
('!scream!', '72.png', '!scream!'),
('!sorry!', '73.png', '!sorry!');");

if ($lol) {
    echo "All smilies have been added to your database.

Ensure that you actually have the images uploaded now. ;)
Crafted by NetriX @";
} else {
    echo "Oooops, something went wrong. Your smilies where not added! Contact support if problem persist.";
NetriX attached the following file:
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