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Theme Request - Templatemo Conversion (VisualAdmin Theme)
I tried to do this myself but found that I neither have the skill nor the time to complete converting this template to a php-fusion 7.02.07 theme.

Download: http://www.templa...sual-admin

I need this converted to a php-fusion 7.02.07 theme where the left black nav bar is populated with all side panels forced to collapse mode, but when it's in "mobile" responsive view, the "menu" is just the regular navigation menu.

Compensation may be negotiated if the conversion is well-made, but a free conversion from someone in the community would be preferred. Please reply here or PM me for more details.

There are 10 kinds of people in this world.
Those who understand binary,
and those who don't...
I downloaded yours and like it so much. =))) But maybe it's better for blog, right?
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