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I have there an other Problem with Avatar picture. After upload und edit Profil

there is the Picture , but cant see ./images/avatars/photo1[3].jpg[1].jpg Malformed URI

i Thing my server dont allow this [ ] in the Picture name.

The cmos are all right in my Website and the Picture was uploaded.

Some Idears?
Edited by Disonne on 12-13-2016 06:26
You're right. Typically this is disallowed and probably for good reason. Here is the URL you're looking for:
and what can i do ? must i change every Time , for any User the names of Picture?
It's most likely your host who is enforcing this policy. Honestly the brackets are considered unsafe characters.

Contact your host. It really depends on how the server is setup. Otherwise consider using the latest version of PHP-Fusion. I believe this is not an issue.

There are encoding functions that can be implemented. However this may require a modification to the core files. Another approach would be implementing rewrite rules from the server side. Your best bet is going to be to contact your host for more details first.
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