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Facebook connect and Fusion 9.0
Has anyone tried Facebook connect with RC3 version of Fusion and what problems if any were there?

I haven't tested it yet. NetriX might have some news on this, though.

There are 10 kinds of people in this world.
Those who understand binary,
and those who don't...
Just installed it and got the following errors, hope it helps in updating it for 9.0..

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '../../themes/templates/admin_header_mce
.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php-5.5.22-amd64/lib/php') in
htdocs/nebula/infusions/connect/admin.php on line 31

This is the other error
require_once(../../themes/templates/admin_header_mce.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory
Line: 31
Also, on the responsive themes for ver 7, this infusion doesn't work...Any reason why???


daimonbok wrote:

Also, on the responsive themes for ver 7, this infusion doesn't work...Any reason why???

What exactly is "not working"? Is there an error? Can you describe this issue?

It would depend on the theme and how it handles responsiveness. Often times a class is applied to a HTML structure, and the class applies responsive attributes etc.

Furthermore, when v7 was initially released, responsiveness was not even a thing I do not believe. So developers have compensated for this by writing segments of code that targets certain HTML elements and may apply a responsive class to it. Due to the nature of the complexity of compensating and old structure to become responsive, some elements may have issues.

A panel could be developed by one developer, as to where the theme could be by another. It really depends on the structure. This is why the next version is going to be awesome!
No errors KasteR, just doesn't appear at all...I agree that 9's going to be good, already running RC3, but then again, some things may require PHP 7, which my ISP isn't in a hurry to do Crying
And you double checked the internal error system in PHP-Fusion? Usually the errors get captured and logged there.

It could also be a display issue. Can you provide a URL with the panel enabled? I can check the browser for some possible errors. Might give a clue on what's happening.

And I'm sure your ISP will eventually upgrade. They are a technology company, and this is new technology. They may want to evaluate it first. Should be backwards and forward compatible anyways.
On 7 with the responsive theme it just didn't show, but works fine with the patriot theme, so I went back to that and forget about the google garbage. I'll reset the responsive theme and see if I get any errors.

received errors once I re chose Patriot theme. see them posted there.
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