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[Themes] Blog-e how to add panel
Hi all, I have a question as to add user panel in the selected section below, Penel be horizontal.
Edited by Dzonson on 07-03-2016 01:28
Standard upper panels are right from the left panel.
You can probably add this as a banner. System admin --> Banners,
Otherwise you have to adapt your theme
As for me, it has nothing to do with what I want to achieve.
Dzonson are you looking for more of a sub menu or something? What will the contents of the panel be?
Blog-E is Craig's theme, please contact him for support.

What he wants is a subheader link row; a menu for user info links.

Ah, you already posted there... no answer. Need to kick Craig in the rear so he wakes up... Pfft
...just one among some friends...
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