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Patriot Theme German locale
Hello and sorry for my bad english,

I use the Patriot theme and locale have a problem with the Germans.

On the viewforum.php a column is too much when I appear on the Eglische change fit how can I change that? Who can help me?

Images annexed
Image 1 German
Image 2 English

Please help me Frown
Edited by Dexxa on 06-20-2015 07:49
No one can help me?
Refer to this thread, perhaps it will help. As for now I do not have a test environment to duplicate.

Once changes are made by the end-user, things can tend to break. Pfft

From what I can gather, you have an addition row in your table that should not be there... How it got to be there is the bug in question.
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Post your files, we can take a look. I'm sure it is as NetriX mentioned. Double check your rows and columns.
There is a huge space between text replies/views (angesehen antworten in the German version. Looks like this text is divide over 2 columns.
An also the 2 words are swapped, it should be like Antworten/Angesehen in stead of Angesehen/Antworten in my opinion.

Can you switch your site temporary to English to see is the error dissapears? The screenshot you provide of the English version is from a different Site as the German picture.
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