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A2's errors and news on my mom
Just wanted to tell you guys my mom will be ok. They still have no idea why she just passed out for no reason. She will be in the hospital about a week getting test done. I was so happy about her being ok i came home and fixed most all my sites issues except one issue i cant seem to figure out and fix.

Notice: Undefined index: action in /home/indepen1/public_html/penehoff/WorldWide/infusions/mp3player_panel/songs/uploadfile.php on line 3

Get that error when trying to upload mp3's. It will allow you to choose your file it will act like its uploading but never does.
Edited by skpacman on 01-26-2015 07:37
Ok i have a very sneaky suspician that most of my problems are due to A2 screwing around with the php.ini and not telling anyone. I finally got them to upload a one to my home directory and went into fusion through system admin and looked at the settings and some settings werent like they were when i first setup my account with them. So after changeing the max_file_upload back to 128 mb i am still getting the error on the mp3 uploader but if i hit upload without a file the error goes away then i choose a file right after and upload it the file successfully uploads .. so i may get you guys to take a look at my php settings and see if there anything else i need to change. But other then that i am getting quirky little code errors. User_Fields and Admin Panel announcement but none or keeping the site from functioning , so i am thinking its the version of php i am using.
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