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Parser error in Custom Panel

Error Msg:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file, expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) or ${ (T_DOLLAR_OPEN_CURLY_BRACES) or {$ (T_CURLY_OPEN) in /homepages/11/d553214028/htdocs/ArkLaTex/themes/templates/panels.php(74) : eval()'d code on line 6

I have stared at this code for like and hour making little changes where i thought the error was talking about and my dunbass cant figure it out.
No worries, sometimes the toughest problems can be a needle in a haystack.

Which in this particular case, there's a missing quote which closes the echo statement. Try this:
Yeah that worked but now i have this issue

Theres to much game between content and edges , if you know what i mean
Well you have a couple of options.

#1, You can center the image. However this may not adjust the overall width of the panel.

#2, You can consume the space with the image, by setting the width to 100%:
You rock , thank u
You're welcome, and anytime! rock
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