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Smiley's installation

was not sure exactly where to ask this question so here I go:

is there a limit to the number of smiley's that I can put into/on my site?

There a a few I want ti dump and I know how to do that do I put them in the same way? in the smiley folder?

Gillette like the ones you have here on fusion usa. I want to keep my Welcome sign smiley, can I do that and put the ones you have in or most of them?

I have have put a couple in but they do not show up and someone said there is a limit; from what I see everyone has tons more them we do.


thnks in advance all for any input.
Edited by skpacman on 05-23-2012 11:46
rock and roll lives...
i havent found a limit yet. i have 84 on my site and had 100+ at one time.

There are 10 kinds of people in this world.
Those who understand binary,
and those who don't...
OK, so I can just dump them into the smiley folder?

I went and looked and I have aton but they do not all show up on post or in shoutbox. could someone have set a limit
in code and would it be in maincore php?

Thanks skpacmanHeart
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rock and roll lives...
You know how to add them in the admin panel right? You can't just dump them in the folder and not tell PHP-Fusion to use them.

You need to set up the key phrases in Admin Panel -> System Admin -> Smileys

There are 10 kinds of people in this world.
Those who understand binary,
and those who don't...
OK got that but I need the code too yes? if I don't have it where can I find it; guess I can simply
test come even here in shout and copy code into admin settings in smiley setup.

Ok will try that.

rock and roll lives...
If your looking for using the smileys pacman added here,you could save them and copy his codes from the shout
(Thread moved to proper place and renamed...)

There are 10 kinds of people in this world.
Those who understand binary,
and those who don't...
sorry, I thought this was for php install only.



all fixed and putting in new ones; the fellow who put them in originally said I could not have any more
guess he did not want to bother. just takes asecond.

thanks guys! really appreciate your kindness and consideration.
Edited by ginny on 05-23-2012 12:11
rock and roll lives...
Well the smiley issue was not an issue at all. took me about 3 minutes to realize how easy it was
to make them so I have just finished pulling some offline, making a few from gif's and totally having a great time for myself.

while I was making and taking smileys I found a great site:

this place has 1000's of smileys for every occasion. they are free.

so if you are looking for something different or forum specific you may find what you need
on their site.

thank for your help, I appreciate it very much.

rock and roll lives...
Just a webmaster tip:

Too many similes will slow your website down in both load and render times.

It also can cause unhappy members because in my opinion 100+ smileys is just way too much - along with oversized smileys that alter the original pages design structure.

Anyways, here are some free smiles for those who wish to use them. Wink

I agree, I have not counted the one's I have put in, I have dumped several and the rest are there
as a weeder factor. Those that do not get used will be removed.

I am testing member reaction and use at this point.

I did test the system for speed on three machines here at home (two macs and 1 pc) and
thus far have noticed no difference in load time; using straight hard wire connection, to
wifi and then on a verizon mifi card.

the mifi is slower but that does not impact the server only my specific Mac I was using to test with.

thanks for your input. I was just sooo tired of the "stock" smiliey's that we had.

rock and roll lives...


along with oversized smileys that alter the original pages design structure

I have not noticed that issue at all but I am sure on much older equipment it would happen..
I am actually using a much older PowerBook G4 today and I do not see any load time or space issue with the smileys on the site.

I took a bunch out and got many, many complaints about taking them away.

I will count them but there is no way I have 100 or more. I would not that is way too many.


rock and roll lives...
What NetriX said.
The again, smileys are optimized, no? Ninja Battle This battle Smiley is 25KB. is that acceptable?

Question is if one should use a preload script or not?
On the modularity dev topic, maybe we should make smiley unavailable until activated?
To Smiley or not?

well the members on my forum like the new smiey's, I took a bunch off got copious
amount of crying so I put them all back and have added a few more.

some I ripped from free sites, some I made from gifs I found, a couple I took from photographs
just for the heck of to see if they worked.

all of my smiley's work; I did re-size several and a a couple more to scale down.

virtually anything can be made a smiley, they are loaded onto the server, then I simply
choose the picture I want, give it and a script and off we go.

very simple once I realized there was NO magic whatsoever involved.

I appreciate all of your help.

thanks again.

rock and roll lives...
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