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IE 10-11 Smiley BBCODE Bug
Hi everyone!

I hope someone can help fixing this JavaScript issue, I guess.
So, for some reason when clicking on a smile on the smiley?s bbcode popup, it doesn't paste the text into the textbox. This only happens in the case of Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

IE 10-11 are pretty popular these days (around 20% of the global web browser market share) so it would be nice to short out this bug.

I think the source of the bug is the InsertText script but I'm not sure, I'm not good at JavaScript. Smile

But the funny thing is, it works with other bbcodes like the color or background color bbcodes.

I found a solution. Sadly, it broke the shoutbox.

I'll look into it and bring it into attention for PHP-Fusion v8 as it must support all modern browsers.

Perhaps we're in need of a smiley code rewrite in v8.
Ok, thank you, I'm waiting for the solution (but mainly some of the users).

By the way I can't wait to see Fusion 8! Grin
For those who want to fix this issue, I found a really easy workaround. Use addText instead of insertText script for inserting the smileys:

Open your maincore.php
Around line 506
Change from:

$smileys .= ">\n";


$smileys .= ">\n";

That's it.
if i recall correctly this fixes the ie issue but breaks other browsers. can you confirm this? i tried this method already once i believe. thanks.
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