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Radio Themes
ive seen 2 free themes i would like to get hold of or if anyone has converted for php fusion v7.02?
i have seen these on a german website for free but there sign up is a pain in the ass ive been waiting over 1 month just to get my account activated and nothing yet not even a contact us email Smile
here pics of the 2 themes below.
uknradio attached the following file:
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has anyone got any of these 2 themes if so are they on 7.02 ?
They have to let you in to download the theme. If they don,t they are breaking our licensing rules.

Contact them, try to find an e-mail, make another attempt.
...just one among some friends...
I searched the creator's website but couldn't find those two themes. Could you supply links to the themes you wish to download?

There are 10 kinds of people in this world.
Those who understand binary,
and those who don't...

this is the creator of these templates

Click Me: Inc0gnit0 Template Site

greeting Septron
Thanks Septron, another awesome German site...
...just one among some friends...
yes thats the site septron and there is no contact us email etc ive been trying various ways to get hold of these 2 themes and no success at all Smile
think they are just not bothering with applications atm or hate non-german accounts lol i have also tryed contacting the designer and nothing there either Smile
From the site: Contact.php


# All themes on this site may only be available here for download.
Additionally, all copyrights must be retained in the footer. # All themes are, unless otherwise noted, Html and CSS valid and optimized for a minimum resolution of 1024x768.

There are many ways to contact us. Can you give me an e-mail to inc0gnit0 [at] t-online [dot] de Contact. If you are a member, you can also me a private message send. Alternatively you can also fill out this form, which sends me an e-mail.

cheers gillette i was emailed that info off a member and dropped them a line but still nothing as of yet
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